Emergency Dentistry Laurel, MD

Dental emergencies are quite frightening and often painful. Emergency dentistry at Laurel Dental Associates in Laurel, MD is almost always required to alleviate pain and to ensure the teeth have the best possible chance of survival.
If you have a tooth injury or any kind of pain in the jaw or mouth, it is important to seek out immediate treatment in Laurel, MD. Situations such as crowns or fillings that are lost or loose can cause severe pain and you should not wait for treatment. You may be in need of an immediate root canal procedure if you are experiencing swelling, throbbing, and sensitivity which indicates an infected root pulp.

Sometimes, teeth become fractured by trauma, grinding, or biting on hard objects. In other cases, fillings, crowns, and other restorative devices can be damaged or fall out of the mouth completely. If there is severe pain, it is essential to contact our office in Laurel, MD immediately. The pain caused by dental emergencies almost always gets worse without treatment, and dental issues can seriously jeopardize physical health.

Situations for Dental Emergencies:

  • Avulsed tooth (tooth knocked out)
  • Lost filling or crown
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Dislodged/loose teeth

Here at Laurel Dental Associates Laurel, MD, we understand the urgency of seeing a dentist when you have a dental emergency and so we are committed to helping when you need it most.