Endodontics involves treatment of the nerves of the teeth. Patients who are experiencing issues with the nerves in the root of their teeth should consult with our endodontist. The infected nerves need to be removed. If left untreated an infection can turn into an abscess, which is a much more serious problem that includes bone loss in the jaw. Our highly trained endodontist will help patients with infected nerves by performing oral surgery such as a root canal to remove the infections.


Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the procedure for carefully removing the pulp and nerve tissue. The pulp, nerve, and any damaged substance can be removed by creating a small hole in the center of the tooth. The tooth is then decontaminated, filled, and sealed. A dental crown may also be placed on the tooth to strengthen and protect the tooth.

Any type of issue with the nerve in the root of the teeth is related to endodontics. An endodontist is a root canal specialist that is qualified to relieve patients of severe, chronic, and intolerable pain. The root canal system is complex, multifaceted, and often misunderstood. This is why there is a whole dental specialty devoted to the treatment of the root canal system. If you have a tooth that has decayed or is infected then a root canal could be necessary.

Common Signs of Root Canal Damage:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • Severe toothache
  • Swelling or tenderness


Dr. Rezaiyan and his team of professionals are here to answer any of your questions or concerns about root canal treatment. Contact our office at (301) 776-5051 to schedule an appointment.


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